Winter Has Arrived

posted Feb 1, 2016, 5:58 AM by Mike Balogh
Winter finally caught up with all of us this past month, and when it did, it was with a vengeance. Fortunately what fell from the skies was light and fluffy, and other than for volume, did not present much of a challenge of clearing.

At our January membership meeting, we were treated to a spectacular presentation by Jim and Joan Flagler of Tight Lines Production in Califon, NJ. On the subject of fishing New Jersey’s streams in January. His presentation included exquisite video documentations of the variations of the many small critters that call their home in the depths of the South Branch of the Raritan river. He also shared with us his knowledge of how to trout fishing this time of the year and what kind of rigging to consider. Great presentation, thank you Tim!

A few days ago, the first Project Healing Waters Fly Tying event of this year was held at the Veteran’s Heaven North Facility in Glen Gardner. Three members of our chapter help Bobby Jacinto make the evening event into a success. Unfortunately, this time attendance was light, but for very understandable reasons.

Our community outreach efforts in Sparta, NJ on behalf of the Sparta Glen Restoration Project are beginning to bear fruit. The students at the graphics department of the Sparta High School are busy designing posters for placement in local public places and businesses. A three slide video presentation currently runs in both the Public Library and the Municipal Building. Several businesses, including Lakeland Bank and Stop & Shop have given us assurances that they will display the posters, or run the video presentation on their television monitors.

Detail logistics plans for both the in-stream and the riparian planting work phases were finalized at an operations meeting that brought all the important restoration players together, and was hosted by the Township Engineer. Things are really coming together now!

Finally, this past weekend eleven chapter volunteers were staffing our donation table over the span of three days at the annual Somerset Fly Fishing Show in Somerset, NJ. The show was well attended, and the proceeds from our raffle ticket sales are on their way to the bank, where they will be held, until it is time to start spending some money for the Sparta Glen Project. My thank-you to all who donated their time and goodwill to this effort.

Remember! At the February membership meeting, in lieu of a speaker’s presentation, there will be an important update on the Sparta Glen Brook Restoration. The discussion Panel will include all major players in the project, including Sparta School and Civic organization leaders. Please make an effort to attend.

Dates to remember: February 17 - Membership Meeting; April 16 – Flatbrook Clean-Up. Please visit our web site for details.

Willi Huber