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Low & Slow

posted Jun 2, 2015, 1:02 PM by Mike Balogh
I was happy to see that June started off with some much needed rain. Our New Jersey rivers are getting mighty low, mighty slow, and worst of all, mighty warm. Please, if you fish where water temperatures are over 70 degrees, use barbless hooks and bring the fish in and release them as quickly as possible. Fishing in New Jersey has been exceptional these last two months, but it will only continue throughout the year if we are careful.

Thanks again to Ed Sinning and his crew for float stocking the Flatbrook this spring. I’ve heard lots of folks say how nice it is to have the fish spread out..

My thanks to Mike Maher and his crew who had to work “overtime” to clean up “our” Berkshire Valley Road stretch of the Rockaway River on May 16th. It happens that on the same day many other stretches of the Rockaway were cleaned up by various local groups.

The Sparta Glen Brook Restoration project continues to move forward. Our Permit Application was sent to the DEP on May 19th. We had a booth at Sparta Day on May 16th. Sue reports that while cash donations were minimum, we were able to make many excellent contacts. Tim Good introduced the CEO of Eastern Propane to the project and Assemblyman Parker Space indicated that he would help us move our permit application through the process, if necessary. Last, we have scheduled to make a presentation of our project to the Sparta Kiwanis club on July 9th.

The Ausable River trip is scheduled for June 12, 13 and 14. Warren assures me that the Trout Gods assured him that the river would not be blown out this year and a good time was in store for everybody.

Other summer activities include:
· Running the Jefferson Day Fishing Derby on July 11th at Weldon Pond
· Participating in the Sussex County Fair on August 3rd
· A chapter picnic at Camp Mohican on August 15th

Finally, Our speaker for the June membership meeting is Chris Stewart. Chris calls himself the Tenkara Bum. If you’re thinking about trying tenkara fishing, you’ve got to hear Chris’ presentation.

Glen Zeeck