Thank-You John Nordstedt!

posted Feb 14, 2017, 4:24 PM by North Jersey TU   [ updated Feb 15, 2017, 1:22 PM by Mike Balogh ]

The leadership in all the Trout Unlimited chapters is represented by individual groups of committed volunteers that, over time, find themselves in a constant motion of change. This is no different in our chapter.  One such change came upon us just recently, and this one is worthy of special mention.  Chapter member John Nordstedt, for many years the tireless dynamo providing much needed energy to the chapter, a past membership chair and vice president, and the recipient of the TU New Jersey State Council’s 2015 Lifetime Achievement  Award, is saying good-bye to the cold climate of New Jersey, and moving to the West Coast of Florida. His single-handed leadership at the helm of the 2016 Sparta Glen Restoration Project must be ranked as one of the most significant achievements in our chapter’s history. John is leaving us a great many wonderful memories and a profound sense of gratitude for all his contributions to our cause. I believe to be speaking on behalf of all of our members when expressing to John our heartfelt thank you and our very best wishes for his life’s new Florida chapter. Be well John, have fun chasing mullet and snook, and stay in touch.

Changes inherently also bring renewal. We consider ourselves fortunate to have found in Rich Egge, Dean Blumetti and Derek Groff, three members who have come forward and volunteered to fill the board vacancies that we experienced in the past months. The chapter’s affairs are in the hands of a great group of people, and we look forward to a productive and rewarding 2017. But change will be in the winds again before long. At the end of this year, both the Treasurer Tom Mount and I will have completed our statutory two-year term. Yes, it’s only February, but it is not too early for all of you to start thinking and begin to do some soul searching now.

On March 25 the chapter is holding its Annual Fund Raising Banquet at Perona Farms in Sparta, NJ. Please come and join us, it always has been an evening filled with comradery, renewal of old friendships and just plain old fun. Your support is welcomed and needed.

As to 2017, we will soon publish a full calendar of activities and events that your chapter will sponsor or participate in. Please spend some time to look it over, you no doubt will find some opportunities where you can volunteer your time and talents for the good of our cause.

Thank you for listening!

Willi Huber

February 2017