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Notes from the President – November 2019

posted Nov 12, 2019, 2:17 PM by Michael Iris

Just a few notes to keep you all involved with what’s going on:

The board decided to make the November meeting a Pizza night so come out and have a few slices and catch up and swap some fishing stories before the meeting 

November starts the Fly show season, the first one up is the International Fly Tying Symposium which will be on November 23 & 24 at the Sheraton Parsippany Hotel, 199 Smith Road Parsippany NJ. Admission is $15 for Saturday and $12 for Sunday, the hours are 9:00 AM – 5:00PM 

The Edison Fly Fishing Show is scheduled for January 24th – 26th; we will need help covering our booth for the show. Anyone interested can sign up at any of the next 3 meetings. With that, we also need flies for the Fly Box raffle.  Last year there were over 700 flies in the box and I think we sold around 800 tickets!  Any and all types of flies are needed, currently we have a grand total of 6 flies some bring some to the next couple of meeting and help fill the box!

Attention Fly Tiers – in February we begin our annual Fly Tying classes which run for 7 weeks. Any tier that wants to lend their expertise and help with the class is welcome. We revised the classes last year and have new step by step instructions with pictures to aid in the instruction. If you teach a class for the night you’ll get double points towards the shirt program. Anyone interested in teaching let me know and I can send you the write ups on the flies we teach so you can pick a week. They range from a Woolly Bugger to a Rusty spinner with the standard type flies in between. There is also an advanced class running at the same time if anyone wants to brush up or improve their techniques on more complex flies.

Lastly we have our December Meeting/ Christmas party coming up.  Bring a covered dish and a fly fishing related wrapped gift with an approximate value of $25 to the meeting!  The business meeting will be short and gifts will be plentiful!

Next meeting is November 20th; 7:30 start at the VFW. Our scheduled guest speaker cancelled already and as a fill in we’ll get a trip summary from the guys who went north to the Salmon River last weekend.

All for now


3 Month Look Ahead


  1. Board Meeting 11/6, 730 at VFW

  2. Fly Tying Round table 11/12 (Tuesdays now)7:30 at VFW

  3. Salmon River Steelhead trip 11/8 – 11/10

  4. General Meeting 11/20, 730 at VFW – PIZZA NIGHT

    1. Guest Speaker-

  5. Fly Tying Symposium – 11/23 & 24


  1. Board Meeting 12/4 7:30 at  VFW

  2. Fly Tying Round table 12/10, 730 at VFW

  3. Christmas Party/meeting 12/18, 730 at VFW

January 2020:

  1. Board Meeting – 1/8/20 7:30 PM at VFW

  2. Banquet Committee meeting 1/8/20 6:30 at VFW

  3. Fly Tying Roundtable 1/14 7:30 at VFW

  4. General Meeting 1/22 7:30 PM at VFW

    1. Guest Speaker - Tim Flagler 

  5. Somerset Fly Show 1/24 -1/26

  6. State Council meeting – Rutgers University Date – TBD

February Look ahead

  1. Fly Tying Classes start

  2. General meeting – we are attempting to have another swap meet before and after the meeting. 

10th Annual Fly Angler of the Year Competition - SAT 11/2

posted Oct 29, 2019, 3:13 PM by Michael Iris

This Saturday November 2, 2019 is the 10th annual Fly Angler of the Year competition and banquet at Shannon’s Private Waters, located on the South Branch of the Raritan River at 528 Route 513, Califon, NJ. Frank Abrusia, North Jersey Chapter Member will be representing North Jersey this year!  

The competition begins at 8 am, so come on down and cheer Frank on as he tries to coax trout to eat his files!  The competition consists of a morning round where all anglers fish against each other.  The afternoon consists of the top three contestants competing against each other.

Lunch is provided by the Raritan Inn, free to all!  It usually consists of hotdogs, hamburgers, salads, soda and water.  Dress warm as it is usually a bit chilly standing next to the river.  Toe heaters in your shoes will keep your feet a little warmer against the cool ground. 

Everyone is invited to the banquet for a fun evening out.  I will be attending, and hope to see a good turnout of North Jersey TU folks.  Cost is $65 pp.  Dinner and cash bar provided.  This is a fundraiser for the New Jersey State Council of Trout Unlimited.  Pre-registration is required, and can be accomplished at - choose ‘events’ from the menu, on top, then ‘register’.  The New Jersey State Council also uses this event as their Banquet and Fundraiser so there will be raffles and a 50/50.

Please come out and support Frank!  Sue Reed

Salmon River Trip - November 8 – 10, 2019

posted Oct 20, 2019, 1:37 PM by Michael Iris   [ updated Oct 20, 2019, 1:38 PM ]

The Chapter is hosting a trip to the Salmon River November 8 – 10, 2019 to fish for steelhead. We will be staying at the Fox Hollow Cabins in Altmar, NY. We have 2 cabins reserved so we can take about 12 people. Find out more:

Notes from the President – October 2019

posted Oct 5, 2019, 8:28 AM by Michael Iris

Just a few notes to keep you all involved with what’s going on, October is a very busy month especially if you include the fishing opportunities!
First off as you look at the calendar we have 2 events scheduled with the Nature Conservancy and River Restoration group on the Paulinskill, but both these days need volunteers as well as a Group leader for our chapter as Dean will be away for these events.
Another big event is Egg Day on the 21st; we now have 2 new schools added to our roster, totaling 26 school, so I’m hoping for the same great turnout we usually get to support Jim Klose on this very busy day.
Also we have the Chapter’s annual migration up to the Salmon River for a 3 day trip to chase some big bright and hopefully not so smart Steelhead starting on the 10th of November. Contact or see Glenn Hofmann at one of the meetings to sign up, don’t forget $50 deposit for the cabin is required. Spots are limited as this trip is filling up quickly.
Lastly we have our December Meeting/ Christmas party coming up, the meeting will be short and gifts will be plentiful!
Our next meeting is October 16th; 7:30 start at the VFW. Our guest speaker is Sammy Casqueira (from our chapter) who will be presenting some slides and discussion on Small Stream fishing in NJ with I’m sure some info on the Tankara style of fishing on them.
All for now
3 Month Look Ahead
  1. Paulinskill Cleanup Day 10/5 – 2 people signed up
  2. NJ State stocking days 10/8 – 10/16
  3. Fly Tying round table 10/8 (Tuesdays now) 7:30 at VFW
  4. General meeting 7:30 at VFW 10/16
    1. Guest Speaker Sammy Casqueira
  5. Paulinskill Tree restoration 10/19 – zero volunteers
  6. NJ State Council meeting 10/20 at Rutgers
  7. Egg Day for schools participating in TIC 10/21
  1. Board Meeting 11/6, 730 at VFW
  2. Fly Tying Round table 11/12 (Tuesdays now)7:30 at VFW
  3. Salmon River Steelhead trip 11/8 – 11/10
  4. General Meeting 11/20, 730 at VFW
    1. Guest Speaker- TBD
  1. Board Meeting 12/4 7:30 at VFW
  2. Fly Tying Round table 12/10, 730 at VFW
  3. Christmas Party/meeting 12/18, 730 at VFW

2019 Chapter Salmon River Trip

posted Oct 1, 2019, 7:09 PM by Michael Iris

The Chapter is hosting a trip to the Salmon River November 8 – 10, 2019 to fish for steelhead. We will be staying at the Fox Hollow Cabins in Altmar, NY. We have 2 cabins reserved so we can take about 12 people.
Each cabin has a full kitchen. The cost is estimated to be $55 per night p.p. As usual, we encourage carpooling. Dinner Friday night, lunches, and breakfasts will be with your cabin-mates, so when assigned you can communicate with each other and plan your menus.
Dinner Saturday night will be a joint dinner with both cabins (we will coordinate) and like last year the Ridge and Valley Chapter will be in the other 2 cabins, so maybe we can do a joint dinner with them as we did last year!
There is a $50 non-refundable deposit required for this trip.
If you are interested or have questions, please contact our Trip Coordinator, Glenn Hofmann at

It's Time to Start Fishing... MORE!

posted Jul 6, 2019, 1:29 PM by Michael Iris

Summer has arrived and we will not be holding our monthly chapter meetings for July and August. Enjoy your summer the fish are calling! 

Upcoming Flat Brook Culvert Assessment Trainings

posted May 29, 2019, 9:33 AM by Michael Iris

When: June 6th and June 18th 2019

Time: 5:30 - 8:00 PM

Where: Lodge at YMCA Camp Linwood MacDonald (1 Flatbrook Road, Sandyston, NJ 07826), training presentation followed by field visits nearby.

What to bring: Waders and notebook


Light refreshments and drinks will be served.


Please RSVP to which training you would like to attend, and if any questions or concerns arise, reply to this email, or reach out to myself ( or Garret Kratina ( 


posted Apr 8, 2019, 8:26 AM by Michael Iris

NNJTU's Annual Flat Brook clean-up taking place this coming Saturday, April 13th, meet at  Schaffers Bridge in Sandyston.

Coffee and doughnuts will be available at 8:30am, and th e clean-up begins 9:00am.  It usually runs until about 11:30am, followed by lunch (optional).   

What to Bring:  

- The chapter will supply large garbage bags and have extra work gloves available.  

- Some additional items you might want to bring along:  insect/tick repellent, sturdy shoes, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, bottled water, rain jacket as needed, and a grabber/poker for picking up hard-to-reach trash.   

Area:  The clean-up effort focuses on the pathways, dirt roads, stream banks, and parking areas surrounding different sections of the Flat Brook.  We typically don't enter the water, so waders aren't necessary.   New this year:  Since we'll be covering select portions of the roadway near the stream and bridge crossings, the chapter will be receiving several hundred dollars from Sandyston Township under the NJ Clean Communities program.  We plan to use these funds towards student scholarships.   

Lunch We're having lunch together at the Layton Hotel Tavern.  Lunch will be paid for by the chapter -- with the exception of alcoholic beverages, for which each person will be responsible for his/her own.  

Afternoon Fishing For those interested following lunch, our fishing trip coordinator Glenn Hofmann has planned for us to spend some quality time together fishing the Flat Brook.  Please plan to join.  

In the morning, please meet at Schaffers Bridge in Sandyston:  

The parking lot is on the left side of the road, immediately after crossing the bridge traveling northwest on Route 560.  The “bridge” is just a slightly elevated roadway over the stream.  Schaffers Bridge, which crosses over the Big Flat Brook, is located on County Route 560 (also known as Tuttles Corner Dingmans Road) in Sandyston.  The bridge is approximately ½ mile off of Route 206.  The turn-off from Route 206 for Route 560 is about 1 mile north of the main entrance for Stokes State Forest at Coursen Road.  There's an Italian restaurant (may be closed down) at the corner of Routes 206 and 560.  

Please let me know if you won't be able to participate, or if you have any questions.   

Thanks - Dean Blumetti

Conservation Chair

Fred S. Burroughs North Jersey Chapter  

Trout Unlimited

Big Thanks for Your Support!

posted Mar 31, 2019, 7:18 AM by Michael Iris

Thank you to everyone that supported and participated in our 2019 Banquet! 

All of our photos from the event can be found here: 2019 Banquet

Get your tickets today for our Annual Banquet - SAT 3/23!

posted Mar 7, 2019, 3:46 PM by Michael Iris   [ updated Mar 7, 2019, 3:49 PM ]

Order your tickets now online using this link: 2019 Banquet Tickets!

Saturday, March 23, 2019
Place:    Perona Farms, 350 Andover-Sparta Road, Andover NJ
Time:     Cocktail Hour with Open Bar 6:00pm – 7:00pm,                                     Dinner 7:30pm
Price:     $70.00 per person 
  • 1 Hour Open Bar   
  • Bucket Raffles
  • Silent Auctions
  • Card Raffles
  • 50/50 Raffle
  • Fishing Gear
  • Rods/Reels
  • 750+ Fly Box
  • Guided Trips
  • Jewelry

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