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Float Stocking

The Fred S. Burroughs North Jersey Chapter of Trout Unlimited has been working with the State Division of 
Fish and Wildlife to help stock the waters of the Big Flatbrook. What we do is called “Float Stocking”. 

Years ago the state stocked trout by floating down river, stocking the trout, using canoes and “float boxes”. Then the State started using net brigades where the trout were walked down to different sections of the river in a net and dumped into the river. Now, the State uses the “bridge drop”. The State drops the trout into the river
from a bridge, the easiest point of access for the stocking truck. Unfortunately, over the years, and due to budget cuts and cuts in manpower the State is limited in how much time it has to stock the rivers.

Float stocking uses a float box. The volunteer Trout Unlimited members wait for the stocking truck at a pre-designated location and time. When the stocking truck arrives, the fish are moved from the truck into the float boxes. The float boxes float in the water and have holes or mesh in the bottom to allow water to flow in and out so the trout can survive. A group of 3 or 4 volunteers
 then walk the box down river released 2 or 3 trout, here and there. Float stocking helps spread out the trout.

The Fred S. Burroughs North Jersey Chapter helps the State Float Stock each Spring and Fall, conditions permitting. We stock the Big Flatbrook on Fridays. If you are interested in helping to Float Stock the Big Flatbrook please call Ed Sinning at 973-839-7181 or Mike Maher at 973-702-3405. You will be providing a great service to the Big Flatbrook and you will will know exactly where the fish are!