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Every chapter member who has paid his/her Activity Fee is entitled to borrow fishing/fly tying books, videos and/or DVD’s from the library. The chapter president will designate a willing chapter member to be Chapter Librarian and be responsible for the operation of the library.

Chapter members are encouraged to donate duplicate or unwanted fishing/fly tying books, videos and /or DVD’s for use by other chapter members. Donors may reclaim their books, videos and/or DVD’s with a simple request to the Chapter Librarian.

The Chapter Librarian will:
  • Receive books from donors and prepare them for library use.
  • Ensure the donor’s name is on the book.
  • Affix a library card holder to the book, video or DVD.
  • Prepare a Library Card for the book, video or DVD.
  • Maintain an up-to-date catalog of books, videos and DVD’s available.
  • Make available and easily accessible to the membership all books, videos and DVD’s at each regularly scheduled meeting.
  • Ensure library cards are properly filed when books, videos and DVD’s are signed out.
  • Safeguard the inventory of books, videos and DVD’s at all times.
  • Call or e-mail borrowers who have had their books, videos and/or DVD’s out for more than two regularly scheduled meetings.
  • Report lost or stolen items to the chapter president.
Borrowers are responsible for:
  • Properly “signing out” books, videos and DVD’s when they are removed from the library.
  • Safeguarding the books, videos and DVD’s when in their possession.
  • Returning books, videos, and DVD’s at their next regularly scheduled monthly chapter meeting.
  • Reporting defects in videos or DVD’s when returning them to the library.


Title Author Donated By
A Fly Fisher's Reflections John Goddard Lois/Ken McDonald
American Fly Fishing Paul Schullery Bob Mosher
America's Wonderlands National Geographic Bob Mosher
An Outdoor Journal Jimmy Carter Bob Mosher
Angler's Guide to Montana, The Mike Sample Brian Cowden
Armchair Angler, The Ray Bergman Warren Weglinski
Art of Angling Journal, The Various Bob Mosher
Atlantic Salmon Fly, The Judith Dunham Brian Cowden
Basic Fly Tying Ed Koch/Norm Shires Bob Mosher
Book of Fly Patterns, The Eric Leiser Bob Mosher
Book of the Black Bass J.A. Henshall Warren Weglinski
Caddis and The Angler, The  Larry Solomon/Eric Leiser Don Lassen
Caddisflies Gary LaFontaine Don Lasson
Catch That Fish Peter Gathercole Bob Mosher
Caught me a Big 'Un Jimmy Houston Bob Mosher
Chauncy Lively's Fly Box Chauncy Lively Brian Cowden
Classic and Antique Fly Fishing Tackle A. J. Campbell Warren Weglinski
Classic Salmon Flies Mikgel Frodin Bob Mosher
Complete Book of Fly Tying Eric Leiser Brian Cowden
Complete Book of Freshwater Fishing P. Allen Parsons Warren Weglinski
Complete Fisherman, The Field and Stream Bob Mosher
Custom Graphite Fly Rod, The Skip Morris John Nordstedt
Editors in the Stream Tom Tolnay Warren Weglinski
Fear of Fly Fishing Jack Ohman Warren Weglinski
Field and Stream Treasury of Trout Fishing Leonard M. Wright, Jr Warren Wegliunski
Fisherman's Guide to Maine, A Kevin Tracewski Warren Weglinski
Fishing for Bluefish Al Ristori Warren Weglinski
Fishing Talk Gifford Pinchot Lois/Ken McDonald
Fishless Days, Angling Nights Sparse Grey Hackle Darren Rist/Warren Weglinski
Flies J. Edson Leonard Don Lassen
Flies for Atlantic Salmon Dick Stewart/Farrow Allen Bob Mosher
Fly Fishing Turhan Tirana Warren Weglinski
Fly Fishing Digest Bill Wallace Warren Weglinski
Fly Fishing for Sharks Richard Louv Bob Mosher
Fly Fishing in Maine Al Raychards Warren Weglinski
Fly Fishing New Jersey Trout Streams Matthew Grobert John Nordstedt
Fly Fishing the Tailwaters Ed Engle Unknown
Fly Tying and Fishing for Bass and Pan Fish Tom Nixon Don Lassen/Warren Weglinski
Fly Tying Bible Peter Gathercole Bob Mosher
Fly Tying Techniques Jacqueline Wilford Don Lassen
Flyrodding For Bass A. D. Livingston Warren Weglinski
Freshwater Fishing Secrets Jay Michael Strangis Lois/Ken McDonald
Friends on the Water R. Valentine Atkinson Warren Weglinski
Game Fish Tag and Release Al Anderson Warren Weglinski
Golden Age of Fly Fishing Ralf Coykendall Warren Weglinski
Good Flies John Gierach John Nordstedt
Guide to Aquatic Trout Foods Dave Whitlock Don Lassen
Guiding Elliot Robert Lee Warren Weglinski
Hatches Al Caucci/Bob Nastasi Don Lassen
Hemmingway on Fishing Ernest Hemmingway Lois/Ken McDonald
History of Angling Charles F. Waterman Bob Mosher
How To Catch More Trout Charles R. Meck Warren Weglinski
How To Fish Wrecks Greg Venturo Warren Weglinski
How to Tie Flies E.C. Green Don Lassen
Hudson River Stripers John H. Vargo Warren Weglinski
In Search of Trout Peter Barrett Darren Rist/Warren Weglinski
Incredible Fishing Stories Shaun Morey Warren Weglinski
Iwamasa Flies Kevin Iwamasa Unknown
Lines on the Water David Adams Richards Lois/Ken McDonald
Many Rivers to Cross M. R. Mongomery Warren Weglinski
Master Fly Tying Guide Art Flick Don Lassen
Mastering Largemouth Bass Larry Larsen Lois/Ken McDonald
Mastering Largemouth Bass 2 Larry Larsen Lois/Ken McDonald
Matching The Hatch Ernest Schweibert, Jr. Darren Rist/Don Lasswn
Misadventures of a Fly Fisherman Jack Hemingway Bob Mosher
Modern Fresh and Saltwater Fly Fishing Charles Waterman Warren Weglinski
My Healthy Stream Jack Williams, Michael Drombeck, Chris Wood Unknown
Old Fishing Lures and Tackle Charles Luckey Warren Weglinski
Orvis Fly Fishing Guide, The Tom Rosenbauer John Nordstedt/Don Lassen
Orvis Fly Patterns , Vol II John Harder Don Lassen
Orvis Fly Patterns, Vol I John Harder Don Lassen
Pocono Hatches Ddon Baylor Don Lassen
Professional Fly Tying and Tackle Making George leonard Herter Brian Cowden/Warren Weglinski
Sandy (Steelhead River Journal) Mark Bachmann Unknown
Sex, Death and Fly Fishing John Gierach Bob Mosher
Shad Fishing C. Boyd Pfeiffer Don Baylor
Shadows On The Stream Bob Romano Bob Romano
Sportsman's Encyclopedia Francis Buzzacott Warren Weglinski
Standing in a River Waving a Stick John Gierach Bob Mosher
Stoneflies Carl Richards, Doug Swisher, Fred Arbonie Don Lassen 
Streamside Guide Art Flick Bob Mosher
Techniques of Fly Tying and Fly Fishing George W Harvey Don Lassen
The Art of the Trout Fly Judith Dunham Warren Weglinski
The Colonial Angler's Manual of Fly Fishing & Flytying Ken Reinard Sue Reed
The Longest Silence Thomas McQuade John Nordstedt
The River Home Jerry Dennis Warren Weglinski
The Trout and the Fly Brian Clark/John Goddard Bob Mosher
The Trout At The Walnut Tree Richard Tate Warren Weglinski
The Way of A Trout R. P, Van Gytenbeek Bob Mosher
Till Fish Do Us Part Beatrice Cook Warren Weglinski
Trout Bum John Gierach John Nordstedt,Ken/Lois McDonald
Trout Fisherman's Bedside Book Arthur R. Macdougall Bob Mosher
Trout Fisherman's Bible, The Dan Holland Darren Rist/Don Lassen
Trout Fishing Joe Brooks Warren Weglinski
Trout Fishing and Trout Flies Jim Quick John Nordstedt
Trout Reflections David M. Carroll Warren Weglinski
Trout Strategies Ernest Schweibert Warren Weglinski
Trout Stream Insects Dick Pobst Bob Mosher
True Love and the Woolly Bugger Dave Ames Warren Weglinski
Tying and Fishing Terrestrials Gerald Almy Don Lassen
Universal Fly Tying Guide Dick Stewart Don Lassen
Wit and Wisdom of Fishing Various Warren Weglinski
World Guide to Fly Fishing Jim C. Chapralis Lois/Ken McDonald
Zipping My Fly Rich Tosches Darren Rist


Title Author Donated By
CDC Techniques Vol II Shane Stalcup Unknown
Fly Casting Orvis Don Lassen
Fly Casting Lefty Kreh Al Aloia
Fly Fishing for Trout Scientific Anglers Al Aloia
Fly Fishing Success Joe Humphries Al Aloia
Fly Tying Basics Jack Dennis Al Aloia
Hooked on Fly Tying James Bowen Unknown
How To Catch Trout Jay S. Warburton &  Rex Gerlach Sue Reed
How to Tie Dry Flies Orvis Don Lassen
How to Tie Flies Orvis Al Aloia
How to Tie Flies/Fly Fishing   Al Aloia
Introduction to Fly Fishing LL Bean Al Aloia
Joan and Lee Wulff School of Fly Casting, The Joan Wulff Al Aloia
Learning to Fish Jack Dennis Al Aloia
Lee Wulff on the Beaverkill Lee Wulff Al Aloia
Nymphing and Dry Fly Fishing Gary Borger Al Aloia
Practical Trout Flies Bob Lay/Al Beatty Al Aloia
Tying Cripples and Spinners Kelly Galloup Unknown
Tying Mayflies Shane Stalcup Unknown
Tying Mayfly Emergers Shane Stalcup Unknown
Tying Tailwater Midges Shane Stalcup Unknown
Tying Trout Flies Gary Borger Al Aloia
Tying Western Dry Flies Jack Dennis Al Aloia
Tying Western Trout Flies Jack Dennis Al Aloia
Tying with CDC Shane Stalcup Unknown
Wet Fly and Nymph Tying/Fishing Hal Jansen Al Aloia


Title Author Donated By
Advanced Fly Casting Scientific Anglers Darren Rist
Ashtabula Kype Kype
Discovery - The Underworld of Trout Ozzie Ozzie
Essence of Flycasting II Mel Krieger John Nordstedt
Fly Fishing for Trout Jim Teeny Lois/Ken McDonald
Jim Teeny Instructional DVD Jim Teeny John Nordstedt
Spring Creek Flies Glen Weisner Unknown
Successful Fly Patterns - Upper Delawar Ken Tutalo Unknown
Terrestrials, The Other Hatch Glen Weisner Unknown
Tying John Barr's Favorite Flies John Barr Unknown
Tying Realistic Trout Flies Rob Lewis Unknown
Wet Fly Ways Davy Wotton Unknown